Exterior Painting

Maintaining the exterior of your home is important for so many reasons.  A properly applied paint coating not only makes your home more beautiful, but it also helps to protect your home from rot and decay and increases the value. Bunton Painting can help you protect one of your most valuable investments.  We possess the skills and equipment to reach difficult to maintain areas that most homeowners can’t do themselves. Wood siding or stucco aren’t the only surfaces that can be painted.  Almost any home can use improvement.  I can make your old and faded vinyl or aluminum siding look like new again. Painting of faded metal farm sheds and pole barns will improve the looks of the entire farm or business. We can also replace any rotted or damaged surfaces prior to painting.


The following steps are standard for exterior painting :

1. Pressure wash : The use of high pressure water to remove dirt, chalk, and some loose paint. A diluted bleach solution will be used to kill existing mildew. Care will be used around windows and doors to prevent water intrusion
2. Scrape: As needed to reach a sound surface, does not include complete removal of existing paint
3. Spot prime: Prime all bare surfaces that require priming
4. Patch minor holes and caulk as needed
5. Glaze as needed: Remove loose glaze and replace missing glaze. This does not include the complete reglazing of the windows.
6. Make repairs according to estimate specification *
7. Protect all areas not being painted
8. Paint using two coats of a high quality exterior latex paint or solid latex stain depending on the surface and finish desired.

* Any additional repairs will be made on a time and materials basis after consulting with client.

To view a printable version of this guideline click here.